XMMS Root Visualization Plugin

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This is a little work in progress visualization plugin for XMMS. It draws a spectrum analyzer on the desktop background - usually the such called root window of X. See README for additional details.

Recent notes:
For stability on startup/exit, you should consider to apply patch-0.0.8a to your sources.
Xmms-rootvis version 0.0.7a released as it fixes an important bug in earlier versions. If xmms threads receive lots of symbols (which is common), too many frames were drawn irregularly.

Future of this project:
Rootvis will be ported to XMMS2 (and perhaps libvisual) this summer, as part of this Google Sumer Of Code project. XMMS2 is the way to go!

Development status:
After more than a year, we finally got a new release! 0.0.8 is finally out! Although it's not perfect, there are some really nice new features waiting for you!
Full transparency, adjust the colors on the fly and so on! :)

Be sure to read the README file and please don't be annoyed about stability issues. I just wanted to get a working release out before new year, so not everything is stable yet. Also make sure you have a decent, stable Imlib2 installed (not the devel. version!) - it comes with every serious distro.

As this release changes things in many ways and is far from being finished, you will perhaps consider staying with 0.0.7. Otherwise, please send me your screenshots! I want to see what you do out of the new features!

Debian users: Package will be there soon...
Gentoo users: There is a contributed ebuild for 0.0.7 in gentoo/. Should be easy to update to 0.0.8.
Archlinux: Official package is 0.8 in extra repository

(C) 2005 Johannes Jordan